Follow Along During The Second Global Video for Change Convening!

This week, WITNESS will be participating in the second Video for Change Global Convening. The meeting will bring together members of the Video for Change Network and other video activists from 15 different countries and 5 continents. Participants will spend four days sharing their work and discussing ways that we can work to strengthen the video for change landscape.

Video for Change Working Paper: Creating and Measuring Social Impact

The video4change network has been collaborating on a project with researchers to identify opportunities, needs, challenges and barriers for creating and measuring social impact within Video for Change initiatives for the past three years. By releasing this working paper, we hope to continue an ongoing conversation among Video for Change makers about what is required to design for and evaluate ethical impact.

StoryPilot: Creating Stories with Impact

Documentary films provide a unique, compelling avenue for people to address social issues, yet it is difficult to gain a comprehensive understanding of their impact. StoryPilot was born out of these questions and more, to provide the documentary film industry an avenue to understand the ways their work changes the world.


Human Rights Video, Privacy and Visual Anonymity in the Facebook Age

The successful nationwide organizing and subsequent protests in Egypt to oust the 30-year regime of President Hosni Mubarak have in part been facilitated by Facebook. But as media and technology commentators and human rights activists alike are noting, using Facebook for activism is fraught with risks.


WITNESS Archive Guide Monitoring and Evaluation Survey

WITNESS is launching a short 5-10 minute online survey to evaluate their Archive Guide and their three Archiving for Activist videos. They are hoping to cast a net far and wide to reach activists who have read and/or used the Archive Guide, or who have watched/used the videos.


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