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First Video As Evidence Workshop in Myanmar

WITNESS presents the first Video As Evidence workshop in Yangon, Myanmar.

The 'Untouchable' Teen Video Journalist Challenging Indian Corruption

A film highlighting Video Volunteer correspondent Mukesh, a 19-year-old who documents corruption in his region's school system.

How to Use YouTube’s New Blurring Feature to Protect Identities

In late February, YouTube released a new version of their custom blurring function. This feature allows users to blur select items in their videos such as faces or identifying information.


Video as Evidence in Brazil

A new study by Article 19 and WITNESS on video as evidence in Brazil shows potential is huge but untapped.

Enabling Storytelling

Today, video has quite possibly become the strongest conveyor of stories. Considering the power of storytelling, its potential to leave you hanging by the edge of your seat, change minds and force audiences to see things differently, it is no wonder video is so popular within human rights work. Nonetheless many organizations have a rather simplistic view, or approach, on using of video.


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