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Drop Charges against Lena Hendry over Human Rights Documentary Screening

Lena Hendry, our colleague and a staff of KOMAS, is currently undergoing trial in the criminal court for allegedly breaking the law by screening NO FIRE ZONE: THE KILLING FIELDS OF SRI LANKA, a human rights documentary film about war crimes committed during the civil war in Sri Lanka.

Archives and Our Ethical Guidelines for Using Eyewitness Videos

Social media surrounding instances of human rights abuse can come from all sides and perspectives. How can we contextualize, describe, and present this in an ethical way? How do we deal with dehumanizing and abusive content, such as perpetrator footage? What is the archive’s responsibility to content creators and subjects in these situations?


Advocating for Ethical Photos

Ethics in journalism, and media creation is something we at Small World News think a lot about. Good journalism is about serving the community, and ethics are fundamental to putting the community first.


Video4Change Network Convenes in Mexico (Video)

In July 2015, over 30 practitioners from 17 different organizations met in Mexico for the second convening of the Video4Change (V4C) Network. Here is a video summary of the event by network partners SocialTIC.

Announcing WITNESS’ Ethical Guidelines for Using Eyewitness Footage in Human Rights

Does sharing videos by extremist organizations aid their goals of provoking fear and glamorizing violence, or is it a necessary part of reporting?


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